Had the pleasure of working with Ray on the Walt Disney Family Museum. He was a great design mind on the project whose rare cross-disciplinary experience and fluency in interaction design was extremely valuable in the success of the project. I would love to work with him again.
Brad Johnson
Founder, Second Story Interactive Studios
…able to balance the details and ensure that the vision for the visitor experience was honored. The result is a captivating experience that enthralls the visitor and brings the story to life. He has a great approach to design challenges and positive attitude that makes working with easy from concept to completion.
Jennifer Guibord
Studio Director at Second Story Interactive Studios
I had the pleasure of working closely with Ray during the build out of the Time Warner Medialab (www.timewarnermedialab.com). It was evident before the build out was complete that Time Warner was fortunate to work with a skilled architect like Ray. He understood our need to develop a state of the art research center and the finished product exceeded our expectations. His attention to detail and complying with our needs was exceptional. I highly recommend Ray for any project especially those that are unique and push the envelope in terms of design and capability.
Marty O'Neill
Executive Director, Business and Research Operations
Time Warner Global Media Group
…unbelievably organized and knowledgable individual with a great personallity. Working with Ray was a pleasure and he was extremely helpful when information or new ideas were needed.
Tom Fieger
Senior Estimator at Maltbie
Ray Chung is a laser beam. Ray is the guy the people at the top trust to handle everything perfectly. Ray is also the guy respected by all who work with him. Fair, tough as he needs to be, thoughtful, resourceful, on top of things and just plain smart.
James Akers
Co-founder, Main And Me
His dedication, attention to the numerous details and his collaborative efforts with all the design and construction principals was a driving force in the success of the project. He immersed himself in the subject matter which enhanced the design process and he remained persistent in achieving a quality product.
Robin Silvestri
Creative Director/Partner at Batwin + Robin Productions
…totally committed to excellence… a skilled professional who was always ready to help the team reach a solution. The contractor, the owner and other consultants all benefited from his skill and attention to detail. I hope I am lucky enough to work with him again.
Cindy Magill
Owner Representative for Walt Disney Family Museum
…a great eye for detail and provided creative solutions to challenging problems. I would not hesitate to consider Ray for future work.
Bob Reuter
Owner, Reuter Project Management and Construction
Ray's unfailing attention to detail and exacting scheduling and resource management made the entire project run smoothly and efficiently. His skills would be an asset to any project team.
Aaron Maestri
Owner, Maestri Exhibit Design
His creativity, attention to details, and project management style made the entire design and building process very pleasant. The finished product came out beautifully and Ray was truly a joy to work with.
Rebecca Ho-Dion
Senior Lighting Designer at Consullux Lighting Consultants/Crossey Engineering
…effective and detail oriented. He has the enthusiasm and knowledge to make a complex, tightly scheduled project run smoothly.
Austin Kurowski
Graphic Designer
…naturally embodies the characteristics it takes to succeed at the top of our industry; he consistently leads with a clear vision both aesthetically and in terms of the job schedule, he efficiently manages his team… true professionalism, he has an unerring eye for detail and above all he is passionate about his craft.
Dina Lamanna
Senior Interior Designer at Jeffrey Beers International